Elect Sandy Hershelman


It's About Time. . .
. . .for a Change!
. . .for an Independent Commissioner!
. . .for a More Affordable Jefferson County!

Sandy needs your help!

There are lots of ways for you to support Sandy:

  • Your vote. . .of course!
  • Your financial contribution.
  • Tell all of your friends why you support Sandy.
  • Host a coffee to introduce 10 to 20 of your friends to Sandy. (If it's a financial burden, let us know and we'll bring the coffee and dessert.)
  • Invite Sandy to your next party. She's a great guest, mingles well, and will leave on your cue.
  • "Take 30" and send a note to 30 of your friends, asking that they support Sandy.
  • Put an Elect Sandy sign in your yard or at your business.
  • Download and print the Elect Sandy car sign. (84KB .pdf)
  • Organize a fundraiser.
  • Direct, hands-on campaign help is needed, too. Make phone calls, do data entry, make sure your friends are registered to vote, put up signs, walk your neighborhood with Sandy—and lots more!
  • Help us identify the pro-Sandy, pro-Sullivan, and undecided voters.

Want to help? E-mail Sandy at


or call her at home: 385-1087




Elect Sandy Hershelman
Lizanne Coker, Campaign Manager
Jana Daubenberger-Filli, Treasurer
P.O. Box 521
Port Hadlock, WA 98339


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